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Ben Simmons’ career has had great successes, such as winning The Rookie of the Year Award in 2018 and also being nominated twice to the All-Star game in 2019 and 2020 .

Even though, he is considered one of the players with greatest projection in the league, the Philadelphia 76ers crack still can’t beat his biggest rival: His inability to shoot 3s. The Australian has played 214 games during his three seasons in the NBA and has only attempted 23 shoots of threes. He just converted two of those attempts and his shooting range does not improve either in front of the line of threes.

Simmons takes advantage of his 6 feet 10 inches to basket under the hoop, but if he is placed 10 meters away, his scorer percentage decreases into a poor 0.106 percent.

The internet has attacked him heavily for his flaw. In YouTube, there are video compilations of Simmons’ missing shots that are thrown from afar, and videos of the many balls that do not go even near the hoop. During the last days, a new video of Simmons started to become viral, where Simmons can be seen fishing during the preseason of the Disney World league. Where is all the fun on this? Well, poor Ben even missed a shot while trying to throw a fish back into the ocean.

Brett Brown, the current head coach of Philadelphia, is looking for solutions for this problem. Simmons, who has played his all career as a point guard, seems to be in the process of returning to his college position that placed him near to the hoop: center.

“When he came into the team, we did not have a point guard, so we handed him the ball and he did what a star would do. This week he has flew over the floor and has complemented quite good with Embiid”, the Sixers’ coach assured.

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