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The name of Jonathan Isaac went around the world last Friday before the duel between his team, Orlando Magic, and the Brooklyn Nets started.

The 22-year-old forward was the only player to stand up, without kneeling, during the American anthem and he also refused to use any tags related to the “Black Lives Matter” movement on the back of his shirt.

Isaac was highly criticized on social media, yet he tried to clarify his reasons. “I believe in Black Lives Matter, but I think that wearing something written on the back of your shirt does not go hand in hand in supporting Black Lives Matter. Neither do I consider kneeling is the answer.  Black lives are supported through the gospel. The bible says that he who repents of his sins will see everything under a different light at the end” he added.  The crack also revealed that he usually preaches in an Orlando church and although he has invited his teammates, “no one came”.

Apparently, the god Isaac believes in, is one of the punishers ones. This Sunday night, during the game against the Sacramento Kings, Jonathan suffered a torn ACL in his left knee and will be out of the court until next season.

“Everything is fine. Thank you for all your prayers and concerns.  My comeback will be greater than my setback. I still stand in Jesus name” he tweeted. Very much in accordance to his preaching style.

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